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Analysis on the safety of silicone

Mar 02, 2017

Silicone products now more and more into our lives, everyday more and more that contain silicone, such as toys, gifts, stationery, false teeth, even on the baby bottle nipples are silicone products. So, do not understand the nature of silica gel, theystarted to panic, silicone products will not affect human health? People began to conflict, silicone exactly have HIV?

Silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, silicone rubber color is white, opaque, non-Crystalline solids, insoluble in water and any solvents, nonpoisonous and tasteless, chemically stable, in addition to strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid does not react with any substance. Adsorption properties of high thermal stability, chemical stability.

Silicone because of its stability and high and low temperature resistant, so it can be heated in a microwave oven without warping, or release of toxic substances, also can be placed in the freezer cold!

Silicone for its texture compared close human skin, and nontoxic no smell, so children using silicone do of nipple is is health of, and good of silicone has automatically disinfection function, not dip stains, easy cleaning, now many family are is with silicone kitchen, silicone products,, because it completely with microwave on can cooking, compared worry province time, more important Yes is not produced fume.

The heart of beauty, everyone has it. Now many women are like plastic surgery, breast augmentation, breast implant material is silica gel, silica gel for adults withoutserious injury, but for breast-fed babies are a big no-no. Body of silicone enteringthe baby through breast milk and affect the growth and health, so silicone breast implants bad for infant feeding, therefore, implants do not breastfeed.

Silicone has brought great convenience to our lives, but if we can't reasonably use,are hazardous to our health!