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Anthropomorphic liquid silicone rubber

Mar 02, 2017

Anthropomorphic silicone:

Human silica gel is a kind of addition type silicone, consists of two components aand b, look for colorless or skin liquid liquid, and becomes soft and elastic material.

Injection molded plastic simulation of the human body features:1 and temperature of-65 ° c-200 ° c, through SGS, ROSH, FDA certified nontoxic2 has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozoneresistance, resistance to weather3 good breathability, non-corrosive, linear shrinkage, easy to operate4 inert, colorless and odorless

Simulation of the human body uses liquid silicone rubber:

Human silicone main for human shape, and simulation human prosthetic, and adult supplies, and chest pad, and shoulder pad, and posted tablets, and anti-sliding pad, flexible Silicon rubber products; simulation human models silicone, and liquid silicone rubber also can for simulation people props, for simulation human models styling of value has not deformation, styling changeable, touch soft, advantage; due to is food level of can for food mold, high-end of silicone products of,.

Precautions for use:

1, to eliminate compounds with nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, Tin, lead, alcohol, water and other contact and avoid sticky colloid, not curing or uneven.

2, mixing two components a and b according to a certain proportion, vacuum watering watering can after operation time is set depending on the temperature, for example, 80-120, cure time is 10min, when the temperature is 25 ° c, curing time for3-5h.