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RTV-2 liquid silicone rubbers and RTV-1 comparison of liquid silicone rubber

Mar 02, 2017

RTV-2 liquid two-component silicone rubber with RTV-1 liquid silicone rubber andother system than has the following advantages:

1.Use more convenient, without heating, pressure equipment, simply based on compound mixed with catalyst, vulcanized elastomers, and no question of endothermic or exothermic. Polyester resin and epoxy resin is used in similar condition, butradiated weakness when curing.

2. According to processing and application needs can be made from grease low viscosity to high viscosity paste or PuTTY rubber products by changing variety, amount of catalyst and curing conditions, can acquire different properties of Vulcanized rubber.

3.RTV-1 liquid silicone rubber's vulcanization process, is through contact with themoisture in the air, from the slow curing, while curing and RTV-2 is miles away.

4.For most substrate adhesion RTV-1 liquid silicone is good, RTV-2 good for mostsubstrates release, coupled with little shrinkage, it is widely used in soft mode. When the compound was added into the adhesive surface treated with primer or base, the RTV-2 can also get a good adhesion.

5.RTV-2 liquid silicone mixing silicone rubber, RTV-1 rubber with heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, arc resistance and electrical insulation, over a wide temperature range (-60 ° c to 300 c) maintaining characteristics of rubber, andhas good shock absorption.