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Simple introduction liquid silicone

Mar 02, 2017

Liquid silicone rubber is a relatively solid silicone, which is a liquid glue, have goodfluidity, curing faster, safer environment, can fully meet the food grade requirements. Functional groups contained in the molecular structure (namely, crosslinked) position, the liquid rubber with a functional group is divided into two categories: oneis the functional group in the molecule at both ends of the call type telechelic liquid rubber; the other is reactive functional groups in the main chain of a random distribution, known within the molecular structure of functional groups, known as non-telechelic liquid rubber. Of course, also has both functional groups in the middle and end of the base,Type telechelic liquid rubber is currently focused on research. Liquid rubber, should be based on their reactive functional groups to select the appropriate functionalchain Extender or Crosslinking agents.