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Something about the medical silicone implant breast augmentation

Mar 02, 2017

1. Silicone implants breast implant safety and stability. For nearly half a century ofclinical practice, medical silica gel to human body nonpoisonous and harmless, without side effects, does not cause autoimmune diseases, and human tissues in peace for a long time. So a lot of people will choose silicone implants breast augmentation.

2. Silicone implant breast augmentation technology is very mature. Under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, design by silicone implants breast augmentation, implants can be done through a hidden small incision surgery main steps.

3. Silica gel texture is closer to human tissue, elastic, and exceptional, feel good.

4. Medical silicone prosthesis materials best suited for artificial breast implants breast augmentation. First, because it is not using silicone rubber SAC through medical, biological tissue, or tissue substitutes by the armpit and areola or way into breast breast under the arm or under the pectoralis major muscle, so as to achieve the effect of breast uplift.

5. Silicone implants after breast augmentation problems can be complete removed. Silicone implants after breast augmentation implants and human environment, even if there are problems, you can remove it complete, there will be no residual foreign body.

Select right and sizes to fit the prosthesis after breast augmentation material, andone very important thing to do, is proof of absolute non-toxic to the human bodycan only be used for the body and other important parts of the breast implant plastic surgery.

While making artificial prosthesis of silicone rubber physical properties must alsobe good enough, imagine a flexible silicone breast will not only affect the externalappearance, also against silicone breasts in the first place.