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Food Grade Silicone Cold And High Temperature

Jun 12, 2017

Food-grade silicone this seemingly strange name, with the frequent emergence of maternal and child products, we also began to gradually pay attention to it.

Food grade silica gel use

1) as a kind of application in the pacifier, bottle, cup, placemat, bib, bowl, plate, cup, Food Grade Silicone Rubber spoon and other series of infant supplies;

2) West Point baking series of tools and molds;

3) kitchen use of various types of equipment;

4) human organ cloning, beauty products;

5) all kinds of civilian, industrial products.

More products on the new materials, its wide range of applications, Food Grade Silicone Rubber it is no doubt that food-grade silicone in the end what is it?

Food grade silica gel is made of silicic acid polycondensation of inorganic polymer colloidal material, the main component is SiO2-nH2O, its content in more than 98%, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability, in addition to normal caustic and hydrofluoric acid , And does not react with any acid and alkali salt.

Can withstand 220 ℃ high temperature, can be used in the microwave oven, Food Grade Silicone Rubber the human body without any side effects.

Compared to other materials, with safer and more healthy features.

For example, common plastic in the production must be added to a large number of antioxidants, plasticizers, stabilizers, these additives are harmful to the human body, and plastic in high temperature conditions will make environmental hormones exudate and in the body fat Accumulate in the organization.

In simple terms, food-grade silicone has a strong stability properties, Food Grade Silicone Rubber and more in line with health and safety requirements. In fact, in the ordinary people home has a trace of food-grade silica gel, the most common is the pressure cooker for sealing the gasket, easy to clean and non-toxic harmless.

Main features of food grade silica gel

1. Non-toxic, odorless, transparent, non-yellowing;

2. Soft, flexible, resistant to kink without deformation;

3. No cracking, long life, cold and high temperature;

4. High tear resistance, high insulation, wear resistance, Food Grade Silicone Rubber high temperature, flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection, tensile type, stable performance and so on.