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Artificial Breast Silicone Is Widely Used In Cosmetic And Plastic Collar

Sep 25, 2017

The artificial breast silica gel is a kind of macromolecule siloxane polymer, it is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no side effects, clinical is widely used in cosmetology and plastic field. The silicone emulsion made of this material is closer to the human breast tissue in softness, elasticity, proportion and color.

Artificial breasts are also called false breasts or artificial breasts, that is, fake breasts, false breasts, fake milk, and fake breast meaning. The material of artificial breasts is mainly silicone rubber such as H series of high-quality artificial breasts, artificial breast silicone in the 3D series of lightweight artificial breasts, there are other synthetic materials made of artificial breasts. Artificial Breast Silicone The artificial breasts made by the master breast are used as an example to discuss the concept, basic features and functions of artificial breasts, classification, selection methods and precautions.

Basic characteristics of artificial breast silicone

1, artificial breast silicone is a polymer of siloxane polymers, it is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no side effects, clinical is widely used in the field of cosmetic surgery. Artificial Breast Silicone This material made of artificial breast silicone milk in softness, elasticity, weight and color is closer to the human breast tissue.

2, artificial breast texture soft, good elasticity, vivid color, touch the feeling almost with their own breasts.

3, the temperature of artificial breasts can change with the body temperature, with your body temperature to maintain consistent, there will be no cold foreign body feeling.

4, the artificial breast by scientific calculation, its weight and the weight of the breast tissue is similar, Artificial Breast Silicone so as to maintain the role of body balance.

5, the elasticity of artificial breasts can effectively protect the role of the chest. After the operation of the chest is almost a skin bone, after radiotherapy, the elasticity of a vigorous decline, the formation of ribs revealed. Artificial breast silicone emulsion can effectively buffer external forces, to prevent external forces may bring harm to the chest.

6, the artificial breast all uses the true import medical artificial breast silicone rubber (silica gel), uses the international advanced craft design production.

7, the artificial breast is close to the human breast normal density (0.938g/cm3), achieves the best balance effect effectively.

8, artificial breast each milk is made by professional technicians.

9, artificial breasts through a long-term hug test, Artificial Breast Silicone such as real breasts soft, flexible.

10, the artificial breast changes with the body temperature change, does not appear the foreign body feeling. Category Edit

1, according to the material can be divided into: Artificial Breast Silicone artificial breast silicone artificial breast, silicone artificial breast, other materials artificial breasts.

2, according to the use of methods can be divided into: built-in artificial breasts and external artificial breasts.

3, by use can be divided into: Breast cancer after surgery with artificial breasts and CD-modified artificial breast.

4, according to the origin can be divided into: Artificial Breast Silicone imported artificial breasts and domestic artificial breasts.