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Artificial Breast Silicone Is Widely Used In Cosmetic And Plastic Field

Oct 11, 2017

The artificial mammary gland silica gel is one kind of highly active adsorption material, belongs to the amorphous matter, its chemical molecular formula is MSIO2┬ĚNH2O. Insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid and no matter what the reaction. Artificial Breast Silicone Various types of silica gel with different manufacturing methods to form different micro-pore structure. The chemical composition and physical structure of artificial breast silica gel determine that it has many other similar materials difficult to replace the characteristics: High adsorption properties, Artificial Breast Silicone good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength and so on.

breast enhancement, in medicine, the patients who have been removed from the breast due to disease need to be transplanted, so today we say the artificial breast silicone mainly include breast implants and transplant two aspects.

The artificial breast silica gel is a kind of macromolecule siloxane polymer, it is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no side effects, clinical is widely used in cosmetology and plastic field. This material made of artificial breast silicone milk in softness, elasticity, Artificial Breast Silicone weight and color is closer to the human breast tissue.

2, artificial breast texture soft, good elasticity, vivid color, touch the feeling almost with their own breasts.

3, the temperature of artificial breasts can change with the body temperature, with your body temperature to maintain consistent, there will be no cold foreign body feeling.

4, the artificial breast by scientific calculation, its weight and the weight of the breast tissue is similar, Artificial Breast Silicone so as to maintain the role of body balance.

5, the elasticity of artificial breasts can effectively protect the role of the chest. After the operation of the chest is almost a skin bone, after radiotherapy, the elasticity of a vigorous decline, the formation of ribs revealed. Artificial breast silicone emulsion can effectively buffer external forces, Artificial Breast Silicone to prevent external forces may bring harm to the chest.

6, the artificial breast all uses the true import medical artificial breast silicone rubber (silica gel), uses the international advanced craft design production.

7, the artificial breast is close to the human breast normal density (0.938g/cm3), achieves the best balance effect effectively.

8, artificial breast each milk is made by professional technicians.

9, artificial breasts through a long-term hug test, Artificial Breast Silicone such as real breasts soft, flexible.

10, the artificial breast changes with the body temperature change, does not appear the foreign body feeling.

Artificial breast silicone mainly includes breast implants and transplantation with two aspects. Here's ' artificial breast silicone ' refers to silicone rubber. Silicone rubber is a flexible synthetic rubber material, because of its molecular structure of the reasons, chemical stability can fully meet the needs of the production of the prosthesis. Female breasts are important organs of the human body, which have an indispensable role in physiology, psychology and family happiness. With the progress of materials science, Artificial Breast Silicone artificial organs began to appear, and proved to be increasingly obvious medical and market value. and silicone material is a variety of human organ production materials have an advantage.

The production of artificial breast silicone is highly demanding for technology and materials, so silicone rubber, which is used to make silicone hearts for artificial breasts, is not a common silicone rubber.

The artificial breast silicone as part of the implanted body is very strict with the biological stability and chemical stability of the requirements of any biological erosion may be irreversible consequences for the human body. Human body fluid chemical composition is complex, acid-base environment exists, more trace elements are the man-made breast silicone caused by different corrosion effects. Therefore, we require that the production of artificial breast silicone rubber must be able to resist biological corrosion and chemical corrosion, Artificial Breast Silicone at least to reduce the corrosion intensity, so that the damage of organs and byproducts can control the human body can be natural purification, self renewal, the degree of self compensation. The production of human organs silicone rubber need to pass through the human body and the medical level of witnesses, to prove that the human body absolutely non-toxic can be used for the breast and other important parts of the false system. At the same time, Artificial Breast Silicone the physical properties of silicone rubber must be good enough, imagine, an easily deformed artificial breast silicone not only affect the external aesthetic, but also against the production of artificial breast silicone original intention.