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Artificial Breast Silicone Is Widely Used In The Field Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Nov 01, 2017

Artificial breast silicone is a polymer of silicone polymer, it is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no side effects, clinical widely used in the field of cosmetic surgery. The material made of silicone milk in the softness, elasticity, specific gravity and color closer to the human breast tissue.

Artificial breast silicone soft texture, good elasticity, color and realistic, Artificial Breast Silicone touch the feeling of almost the same as their own breasts.

The temperature can vary with the temperature changes, consistent with your body temperature, there will be no cold foreign body sensation.

Artificial breast silicone elasticity can effectively play the role of protecting the chest. After surgery the chest is almost skinny, radiation therapy, Artificial Breast Silicone the elasticity of the skin decreased vigorously, the formation of ribs revealed. Silicone milk can effectively buffer the external force, to prevent external forces may bring damage to the chest.

Artificial breast silicone using international advanced technology design.

Prosthesis breast augmentation breast prosthesis is artificial breast silicone, sub-import and domestic two categories: these artificial breast silicone are more high-end products, Artificial Breast Silicone but also more commonly used prosthesis, the quality is no problem. Tests show that the biocompatibility of silicone gel implants is very high and is a very safe human implant that has no effect on health and does not have an adverse effect on fertility and breastfeeding.

Artificial breast silicone features:

Soft touch, consistent with the softness of the natural breast tissue, a realistic feel.

Second, the filling in the prosthesis is not the previous liquid, but the artificial breast silicone, colloid pure and transparent. In the exhibition site, manufacturers on behalf of the knife to cut silicone prostheses, as the cake cut the same, the prosthesis content does not flow, Artificial Breast Silicone so worry about prosthesis rupture, will flow in the body can be canceled.

Third, the artificial breast silicone appearance from smooth to matte, that is, frosted surface. Biocompatibility is better, not easy to produce rejection. Reducing the incidence of capsule contracture.

Fourth, the breast silicone prosthesis extremely tough, visitors hand kneading, stretching, let go is to restore the original. Manufacturers have tried to use the car from the breast prosthesis pressure on the past, the prosthesis is still intact.

Fifth, bionic design and complete specifications. Breast silicone prosthesis has both round and also droplets (imitation female chest upper slope) design, Artificial Breast Silicone ranging from 100 ml to 800 ml range, to meet the needs of the crowd.

Sixth, with good biocompatibility, high safety.

Silicone prosthesis in the end to keep in the body how long?

Plastic experts tell us that artificial breast silicone non-toxic no side effects in the body will not produce variation, theoretically can be used for life. But taking into account the personal physical reasons and postoperative care, Artificial Breast Silicone generally in the body to retain more than 10 years is no problem