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Considerations For Using Sealant

Mar 02, 2017

1. No mixing prior to use, or does not appear at the store pigments and fillers stratification cause curing failure;

2. Environmental temperature changes cause the rubber curing speed and fluidityof change;

3. Inaccurate weighing, mixing is not uniform, because the temperature or time curing is not complete;

4. After opening sealed poor absorption of moisture and Crystal;

5. With the amount is too large or extension is too long and "storm together";

6. When cured, because of tidal effects assessment product;

7. Curing effect of bubbles on the surface of the apparent cure failed;

8. Such as temperature, UV light cured conditions, a color change;

9. Electrical and chemical engineers failed to press the a/b adhesive properties and electrical products designed to accelerate aging of the destructive life;

10. Effect of curing temperature on the curing properties of the material change;

11. Material damage to vacuum system of assessment, or the stability of quality ofthe vacuum system;