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Development Of Addition Type Liquid Silicone Rubber

Mar 02, 2017

Addition type liquid silicone rubber (Liquid Silicone Rubbe, LSR for short) is a transition metal complexes (such as Platinum, rhodium, nickel) as a catalyst for Si-H andSi-CH=CH2 form a bridge between a new kind of silicone rubber and get the silicone elastomer. Addition type silicone products: what is it?

In the early 1970 of the 20th century, abroad study on injection molding of liquid silicone rubber. But because of various technologies are not mature, only suitable for extrusion process.

80 's slow development of liquid silicone rubber, there are several technical issueshave been difficult to resolve: one is to ensure liquidity and high intensity conflict; the second is how to ensure that no material after mixing hours of operation do not pay enough; the third is the level of die design limits.

90 generation, is liquid silicone rubber big development of times, first, large using MQ type silicone rubber solution has silicone rubber liquidity and strength of contradictions; second, make joint inhibitors of technology also constantly improved, by simple using acetylene alcohol compounds, development to using acetylene alcohol and containing SiH poly silicon oxygen n-of added into product, Platinum micro-capsule technology also has is big of progress; third, mold design of cold circulation module technology also for liquid silicone rubber in process Shang swinger has road.

After the 90 's, silicone rubber varieties began to diversify, in almost all the varieties of high temperature silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber, and its performance is superior to RTV. This broadens the space for application of liquid silicone rubber.