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Everything You Need To Know About Liquid Silicone Rubber

Sep 20, 2017

A Liquid Silicone Rubber material is a two-part platinum-cured elastomer that can be injected into a mold cavity to manufacture a part. RTV is very versatile in the elastomer industry and is seen across a whole spectrum of parts from consumer products to medical devices and everything in between.

The operating temperature range for RTV can be between -65°C to150°C, which short peaks to 260°C.  With post cure, it offers very low compression set and can meet low outgassing down to TML < 1 percent and CVCM < 0.1percent. These polymers are translucent, which means they can be pigmented to match any color requirement. RTV also has quick cycle times and less raw material handling — leading to quicker delivery times and greater throughput.

To help manufacturers unleash the full potential of this material, we compiled everything you need to know about liquid silicone rubber.

Types of  RTV

Condensation silicone rubber,addition silicone rubber, potting silicone rubber, silicone foam, pu rubber and resin.

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