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Five Reasons For Non-cure Of Silicone Rubber

Aug 17, 2017

The silicone users sometimes encounter the problem of non-curing. Now Rongxingda silicone summed up five kinds of reasons and solutions, hope which can be effective.


Cause 1: too much curing agent or too little curing agent will affect the curing of silicone rubber


Solution: mix t e two part according to the correct ratio; also pay attention to that it is by weight or volume ratio


Reason 2: one silicone should be mixed with the same type of curing agent; for example, if the platinum-cured silicone rubber mix with the tin-cure catalyst, there will cause the non-cure phenomenon.


Solution: Use the appropriate type of curing agent. Operation tools are also classified. If you are operating addition silicone, do not touch the condensation products.


Reason 3: Silicone and curing agent stir unevenly.


Solution: Silicone and curing agent should be fully stirred when operating.


Reason 4: incomplete curing (not dry) only occurred in the mother mold contact surface, but the other parts is ok.


Solution: Marked the master mold surface with a thin diaphragm, which can prevent the unfavorable ingredients in the master mold to contact with the silicone rubber


Cause 5: too low temperature can also cause non-curing. When the operating temperature is  below 0 degrees,  the silicone and curing agent will not react.


Solve: 20-30 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for mold silicone curing.


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