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Food Grade Silicone Rubber

Aug 02, 2017

Food processing is serious business in America. It takes specially certified materials to handle and package food properly within established guidelines set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration. Rubber is often the desired material for use in food packaging and preparation applications. However, it cannot be just any rubber. It must be food grade rubber, which is usually an FDA-approved silicone product. Rubber-Cal stocks food grade silicone rubber so that you can complete your project while abiding by the proper health and safety standards established by the FDA. It is preferred for use as food grade seals because silicone is non-toxic, very flexible, and has a great working temperature range. If you need the best kind of FDA-approved gaskets available, look no further than silicone food grade rubber.

The FDA established firm guidelines when it comes to food processing. This is because we all consume food and we should be ingesting safe, non-contaminated edibles. The FDA makes sure of this through the Code of Federal Regulations. This code, often labeled alongside food grade silicone as 21CFR177.2600, is a set of regulations relating to anything that has to do with agriculture. Food processing falls into this category. The rules regarding food grade rubber are found in Title 21, Section 177.2600 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

There are stringent rules to follow when it comes to certifying when an elastomer can be classified as a food grade rubber. These types of rubbers are generally made with high quality US materials. More importantly, they must be considered non-toxic materials and must not leave any byproducts when they come in contact with the food content itself.

Although Title 21 mentions a variety of rubbers, FDA-approved silicone rubber is the ideal elastomer for food-related applications. Silicone is ideal for use as a food grade rubber because it is a non-toxic material. When it comes into contact with food products, it will not contaminate the food with any foreign chemical substances. It is a mold-resistant and water-repellant material that does not allow for any organic agents to form on it. In addition to being non-toxic, it has almost non-existent levels of odor and taste. These non-contaminating qualities make food grade silicone the perfect material for use as food grade seals.

Beyond hygiene, silicone food grade rubber also possesses considerable physical characteristics. A very important feature about silicone rubber is its impressive ability to work within extreme temperature ranges. It is a trait that helped distinguish silicone from other elastomers. Food processing applications require the wide operating temperature range that FDA-approved silicone offers. Some applications see very low temperatures and some others see very high temperatures. Normally, silicone rubber can handle a temperature range from around -103° F to 500° F. In cold temperatures, food grade silicone remains very flexible. In hotter temperatures, the food grade rubber maintains its form and integrity without suffering any heat-related damage. This wide range of temperature resistance has allowed silicone to be used in applications that go beyond food handling, like heavy industry, medical, and construction projects.

The food processing industry can be physically demanding. The materials used in such applications have to be tough, durable, and flexible. Food grade rubber is often employed as seals and gaskets in areas that require enhanced flexibility. Silicone makes great FDA-approved gaskets and other various types of food grade seals because it has a low compression set along with superior levels of flexibility and elongation. A low compression set means that the food grade rubber is better able to rebound after physical pressure is applied to it. Both flexibility and elongation is key for tasks that involve food containers because the food grade rubber needs to be flexible enough to cover the dimensional requirements of different types of containers.

If you need quality food grade rubber for your application, Rubber-Cal has the FDA-approved silicone material needed for the job. Our food grade silicone will keep the food contents in your containers safe and ready for consumption, but it will also help you stay well within the legal guidelines mandated by the FDA. Having FDA-approved gaskets made of silicone will last longer when exposed to very high or very low temperatures. Even when exposed to such extreme temperatures, the silicone material will not suffer degradation. Keep yourself and others safe with the right kind of FDA-approved rubber!