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Food Grade Silicone With Safe And Healthy Special

Oct 11, 2017

Food Grade silica gel is condensed from silicic acid inorganic polymer colloid material, the main ingredient is SiO2? NH2O, its content in more than 98%, non-toxic tasteless, chemical stability, in the normal in addition to caustic and hydrofluoric acid, not with any acid-base salt reaction. Can withstand 220 ℃ high temperature, Food Grade Silicone Rubber can be used in microwave ovens, without any toxic side effects on the human body. Compared with other materials, it has a safer and healthier feature. For example, the common plastic in the production must add a large number of antioxidants, plasticizers, stabilizers, and so on, Food Grade Silicone Rubber these additives are harmful to the human body, and plastic in high-temperature conditions will cause the environmental hormone substances to seep and accumulate in the body's adipose tissue. In simple terms, the food grade silica gel has a strong stability properties, and more in line with the health and safety of life requirements. In fact, in the ordinary people's home has food grade silicone traces, the most common is the pressure cooker used for sealing gasket, Food Grade Silicone Rubber easy to clean and non-toxic harmless.

With the rise of food grade silica gel abroad, its health and safety performance has been proved, domestic producers also began to choose to replace the original plastic materials, and mainly used in maternal and child products, but also some businesses will use the material innovation in daily necessities, such as water cups, bowls, baking molds, steamer and so on. At the same time more with other materials to form cooperation, Food Grade Silicone Rubber the emergence of ceramic silica gel, glass silicone and other materials combination. In the beautiful and durable, but also highlight the healthy life, environmental health concept.

Experts said that food-grade silica gel to replace conventional materials has become the future of the development of domestic products and design a trend. The concept of Low-carbon life has also prompted everyone to the development of environmentally-friendly materials and attention, Food Grade Silicone Rubber in the next few years, food-grade silicone will be able to become a home in every household supplies common materials.

Food-grade Liquid silica gel is the addition of silicone materials, suitable for injection molding process of two groups of high transparency, high-strength, high tear-resistant liquid silicone rubber. The two components are composed of a agent and B agent, is a liquid flow, no matter what color, in fact, Food Grade Silicone Rubber the quality is constant at room temperature curing can also be heated and cured.

In addition, food-grade silica gel can also be used for high-grade casting molding products, cake molds, sugar molds, chocolate molds, candy molds, cake models.

Food-grade silicone rubber compared to the ordinary mixed with non-toxic tasteless, safe and reliable characteristics, can be directly with the human body close contact, so many foreign trade export manufacturers will be directly named to this environmental-friendly mixing silicone rubber.

Food-grade silica gel is widely used in daily life, which we live in commonly used in the mobile phone shell, baby bib, cup cover, water pipes, food mats and so on are used in the production of silica-grade silicone. At present, in the process of industrial production, Food Grade Silicone Rubber some manufacturers in order to pursue the quality, will also adopt this food-grade silica gel to replace the original ordinary mixing silicone rubber.

How is the food grade silica gel made? The food grade silicone rubber is produced by adding a tasteless vulcanizing agent or a Platinum vulcanizing agent in the original base mixing process, Food Grade Silicone Rubber and the general industrial use is made by adding double 25 vulcanizing agent. The difference between the two is that food-grade silicone produces no odor when it is formed, and can be directly contacted with the human body. Food-grade silica gel can be passed by the FDA international quality testing standards, the general ability to produce food-grade silicone manufacturers have the obligation to provide customers with food-grade silicone testing certification.

About food grade silica gel price, probably many friends will guess food grade silica gel will be very expensive! The price difference between the food grade silica gel and the ordinary mixed silicone rubber mainly lies in the production cost of the tasteless vulcanizing agent and the processing difficulty. The price of tasteless vulcanizing agent is certainly slightly more expensive than the ordinary double 25 vulcanizing agent, but in the production process, the food grade silica gel production is more time-consuming and laborious than the ordinary mixing silicone rubber production. For example, if a set of units one day to produce a ton of ordinary mixing silicone rubber, Food Grade Silicone Rubber then food-grade silicone can only produce 600-700 kilograms a day, the main difference in the process of sulfur in the way, interested friends can contact me to understand. Say so much, then food grade silicone price is how much? Food grade silicone rubber in the general mixing price on the basis of a rise of 1 yuan/kg, Food Grade Silicone Rubber the specific price according to the current market quotes, at present we food grade silica gel price in 19 yuan/kg-22 yuan/kg, of course, there is a better quality of high anti-tearing high rebound food grade silicone.