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How About The Softest Hardness For The Liquid Silicone Rubber

Aug 02, 2017

Low hardness liquid silicone is generally used for insole, shoulder pad, chest paste, chest pad and other flexible silicone products. And then how about the lowest hardness for the silicone rubber?

Regarding the hardness of the silicone rubber, generally the one that is less than 15 shore A, which is called the low hardness soft silicone rubber. This silicone is generally relatively soft and easy for mold release.

In normal, for the platinum cured silicone rubber, the lowest hardness can be 0 shore A

For tin cured silicone rubber, the softest silicone can reach to 3 shore A.


In general: with less than 10 hardness, the silicone rubber will be featured with low tear strength ,  big elongation, easy to deform.

The silicone with hardness higher than 40 shore A, the tear strength will turn to bad and silicone products will become brittle, easy to break or Broken.

Normally the hardness at 20-40 for the silicone rubber, the tear strength & elongation will be the best condition. In addition, the lower the viscosity (the better liquidity), the favorable for bubble degassing. But at the same time the tear strength will turn to bad; and the duplication times will be decreased.


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