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How To Avoid The Deformation For Silicone Mold

Jul 04, 2017

So many customers may encounter some questions during the application of the silicone., such as the deformation for the silicone mold. For the soft silicone rubber, it is easy to deform naturally. So how can avoid it ? We can pay attention to these 5 point:

1. Usually put the silicone into application before the complete cure for the silicone mold, which will be much easier for the deformation. As known, though the silicone mold can be taken out within several hours, but the it need take 24 hours for the complete cure. If any possibility, please take the silicone mold into application after the 72 hours.

2. the quality of silicone is not so good, or the higher shrinkage & much fillings  which also make the more deformation. For high-grade silicone, the shrinkage is about 0.1%; and then the mid-grade, it is about 0.3%. And then will be more higher.

3. The shell for the silicone mold is not accurate enough.

4. After the application of the soft silicone mold, should put the mold into the hard shell for storage.

5. During the application of the silicone mold, there is the transsexual pressure for a long time.