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Liquid Silicone Rubber Material For Making Molds

Jun 26, 2017

 A:applications for liquid silicone lrubber material for making molds

Liquid silicone rubber material for making molds is mainly used for model design of manual mold,PVC plastic molds,cement products,low melting point alloy molds,alloy toys,plastic toys,electronics,handicrafts,stationery,large-scale sculpture,reproduction of cultural relic,shoe sole molds,pad printing allocation,electronic equipment antivibration,etc.

 B:operation instructions for liquid silicone rubber material for making moldsLiquid silicone  rubber material for making molds is a flowable liquid ,and the quality has nothing to do with the color,it consists of two component,part A is a flowable liquid silicone rubber,part B is the curing agent,firstly ,after your previous work of dealing with the original model,take some liquid silicone rubber,add 2-3% curing agent of the amount of silicone,and mix them evenly,then after vacuum-pumping the mixture,you can pour it into the mold frame,the silicone mold will cured in 2-3 hours.

Note:The time for vacuum-pumping should be less than 3-5 mins,otherwise,once the silicone rubber has cross-link reaction during vacuumizing,it will noet be operated.

 FAQ of liquid silicone rubber material for making molds

 How to prevent silicone manual molds getting sticky?The main reason for this problem is that you do not handle the products or original molds well ,then you should deal with the original mold or products carefully before molding,such as for the products with a complicated pattern or a unsmoothed surface,you should polish and clean the products after which it will be molded,then spray the release agent normally,the release agent can be vaseline,detergent liquid wax etc,in practical process,you can bush different release agent according to different material.the second reason is that the operator pour the silicone into the mold when the mixture is mixed evenly,then the finish silicone mold will noet cure and dry entirely.