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Mask Silicone Can Be Used Repeatedly

Oct 20, 2017

Mask silicone non-toxic, no smell, soft, fit, comfortable. Lightweight, mask silicone companion! With silicone mask, skin care more with less! Can be used repeatedly cleaning.

Can prevent mask silicone moisture and essence of liquid mask silicone gel evaporator artifact (Amy people need to prepare). Mask silicone can make skin care ingredients large drops of absorption,

Mask silicone can be used repeatedly many times, Mask Silicone Rubber but after each use to clean and dry, for the next use.

① should be done before the preparation of the skin before the preparation, mainly thoroughly cleansing, or after the massage with a hot towel for three minutes, so that after the expansion of the pores, and then use the mask silicone, wrapped in towels when used to cover the hair, revealing the face. Eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. Mask Silicone Rubber the best first coated with cream or olive oil, because these places can not be coated with silicone mask.

② the mask silicone products coated on the fingers or soft brush, even by the amount of the neck about the amount of a nose and a lips week and other order of smear. In the eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc. should be separated by about 0.5 cm, so as not to stimulate the mucosa caused by adverse reactions. Mask Silicone Rubber Leave eye protection when necessary. If you are oily skin, coated with silicone when the mask can be deposited from the oil more than the T-site, the amount of little more does not matter, and then in accordance with the order of other parts.

③ after the face to avoid the expression of muscle pull, it is best to take the supine. Natural coating agent generally retain 10 to 30 minutes, stripping mask silicone to be dry 10 to 20 minutes and then from top to bottom with a light pressure stripping, can also be washed with water. Do the number of mask silicone to master the appropriate, overwork the surface but will make the skin to accelerate relaxation, aging. Under normal circumstances, Mask Silicone Rubber once a week can be applied. Oily skin, acne skin or pigmentation and other treatment purposes, 2-3 times a week available.