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Mask Silicone Enhances Skin Elasticity

Jul 20, 2017

Mask Silica gel repeated use many times, but after each use to clean and dry, for the next use.

① first should do a good job in front of the skin preparation, mainly clean skin, or after the massage to hot towel cover three minutes, so that after the expansion of the pores, and then use a mask silicone gel, use a towel wrapped in the hair, revealing the face. Eyebrows, eyelashes, Mask Silicone Rubber such as the best place to apply the above cream or olive oil, because these places can not apply mask silicone gel.

② Mask Silicone products coated in the fingers or soft brush, evenly according to the neck of the forehead one or two a nose one lip Monday forehead smear. From the eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc. should be separated by 0.5 cm or so, so as not to stimulate the mucous membrane caused adverse reactions. Mask Silicone Rubber Place eye pad protection if necessary. If you are oily skin, coated silicone silicone gel can be from the amount of oil in the T-word place, the dosage of a little matter, and then in order to apply other parts.

To avoid the ③ of facial expression muscles, it is best to take a recumbent position. The natural surface agent generally retains 10-30 minutes, the peeling mask Silica gel silicone rubber to be dry after 10-20 minutes of natural drying, and then from top to bottom with a light pressure method, Mask Silicone Rubber can also wash water. Do the mask silicone silicone number of times to master appropriate, over the surface of the application will allow the skin to accelerate the relaxation, aging. Under normal circumstances, one weeks to apply. Oily skin, Mask Silicone Rubber acne skin or pigmentation and other therapeutic purposes, one weeks available 2-3 times.

The best time to apply mask silicone search: The best time to apply a mask silicone is 8 o'clock to 10 o ' clock in the evening, and the skin is really thirsty for the night 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock in the morning. Apply mask silicone When you want to lie down, for good sleep ready. Only in the real relaxation and sleep time, Mask Silicone Rubber the skin tissue to complete the normal repair, the next day to reproduce the clear face.

Apply a mask to the front of the silicone cleaning: including the face, neck skin cleaning. With clean hands with cleansing products soft skin after washing clean, if wearing contact lenses, must first pick contact lenses.

The Order of Mask Silica gel: The best order of mask silicone is: neck, chin, cheeks, nose, lip, forehead. To avoid in the eyes of the mask silica gel, Mask Silicone Rubber after applying to the pineal gland has not been uneven place, more places to be wiped open, less place to add a little.

Apply Mask Silicone Time: Apply mask Silica gel time is generally 10-30 minutes, according to the nature of the mask silica gel and the nature of the skin, not more than 30 minutes, put too long will hinder the skin to breathe, resulting in hypoxia, mask silicone stay for too long, mask silica gel will absorb the moisture in the skin, but also in the removal will have a sense of pain.

The body and mind when applying silicone mask:

Mask silicone coated, not to speak or do other things, should let the skin completely relaxed in the case of absorption of silicone mask nutrients and moisture. The best lie in bed, facial muscles natural soothing, close repose.

After the Mask silicone care:

Mask silicone cleaning, timely spray on make-up water or toner, Daub moisturizing Lotion or moisturizing cream, gently massage the eyes and Lips week, Mask Silicone Rubber tap the face and forehead, to enhance the absorption effect of skin care products at the same time to prevent wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity.