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Mask Silicone Fluidity Is Good

Aug 23, 2017

Mask Silicone is mainly used for making silicone mask, soft silicone material, human body silica gel, simulation food model, can produce human organs, sexual appliances, human models, food models, human skin mask, etc., can also be used to mold to cast epoxy Resin, polyester resin, polystyrene, vinyl plastic, paraffin, Mask Silicone Rubber large cement components, cultural stone, concrete, etc., but also for metal crafts, alloy cars and other precision molds manufacturing, food grade mold manufacturing.

Mask silicone is a two-component additive silicone material, Mask Silicone Rubber can be cured at room temperature can also be heated.

Mask silicone product features

Low shrinkage, the process does not release low molecular weight, so the volume of the same, shrinkage is less than 0.1%

· It is not limited by the thickness of the product and can be cured in depth

· Excellent high temperature resistance, Mask Silicone Rubber the temperature can reach 300-500 degrees

· Food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, through FDA food grade certification

· High tensile, tear resistance, turn the number of times

· Good fluidity, easy to perfusion; can be cured at room temperature can also be heated curing, Mask Silicone Rubber easy to operate

Mask silicone use and precautions

· A, B two components by weight 1: 1 mixed evenly, after vacuum defoaming can be watered. Room temperature (28 degrees) 30 minutes operating time, 24 hours fully cured; heating 60-120 degrees, Mask Silicone Rubber can be completely cured in a few minutes.

• Operate with separate container with condensed silicone, and use this silicone gel tool without using room temperature.