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Mask Silicone Has Excellent High Temperature Resistance

Aug 01, 2017

Mask Silica Gel is a two-part addition of silicone materials, can be cured at room temperature can also be heated and cured.

Mask Silicone Product Features

• Low shrinkage, no release of low molecule in the crosslinking process, Mask Silicone Rubber so the volume is unchanged, shrinkage rate is less than 0.1%

• Not limited by product thickness, can be deeply cured

• Excellent high temperature resistance, Mask Silicone Rubber temperature can reach 300-500 degrees

• Food grade, non-toxic tasteless, through FDA food-grade Certification

• Gao La, tearing force, more than the number of times

• Good fluidity, easy perfusion, can be cured at room temperature and can be heated, easy to operate

Mask Silicone Use

• Mainly used in the production of silicone mask, soft silicone material, human silicone, simulation food model for the use of human genital organs, sex equipment, mannequin, food model, Mask Silicone Rubber human skin mask and so on, can also be used to mold to cast epoxy resin, polyester resin, polystyrene, vinyl plastic, paraffin, large-scale cement components, cultural stone, concrete, etc., also used in metal crafts, alloy car, such as precision mold manufacturing, food-grade mold manufacturing.

Very soft silicone, feel very good use of silica gel and precautions

• A, b two components by weight of 1:1 mixed evenly, Mask Silicone Rubber after vacuum stripping can be watered. Room temperature (28 degrees) 30 minutes operation time, 24 hours completely cured, heating 60-120 degrees, can be completely cured in dozens of minutes.

• Operating with the use of condensation-type silicone containers separated, to use the room temperature silicone tools have not been used to operate this silicone.

Mask Silicone Product Information

1. Food grade silicone material made, very soft,

2. Three-dimensional design, very perfect fitting various face shape.

3. Ear hanging type to prevent easy to slip, easy to fall out of the puzzle, Mask Silicone Rubber in your laminate film at the same time, you can walk.

3. Silicone material Safe non-toxic, no harm to the skin.

4. Can be reused, clean with clear water can be.

5. Carry the very aspect, can put into any cosmetic bag, travel essential goods.

6. DIY essential products, can be essential oil, honey, eggs, pearl powder, Mask Silicone Rubber such as adjust the direct wipe evenly in the mask, and then apply to the face, promote the perfect absorption.