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New Product Of Environmental Friendly Foam Silicone Rubber For Cushion

Aug 10, 2017

New product of environmental friendly foam silicone rubber for cushion

There are a new product of our company, foam silicone rubber, can be use for cushion, chair cushion. Non-toxic, environmental friendly.

Liquid silicone foam is widely used in the production of seals, gaskets, sealing strip, foam board, foam tube, copying and printing roller sponge tube; silicone insole, sofa cushion, mattress, automotive supplies (head, gear lever, cushion) flexible silicone rubber; silicone bra, shoulder pad, joint hammer swing the ball, pregnant women.

Characteristics of liquid foam silicone rubber:

1, high expansion foam, foam itself is 2 times larger than the highest, up to 7 times the volume. 

2, foam uniformity, good stability, low shrinkage rate, line rebound well, easy operation.

3, light, elastic feel good, does not produce migration atrophy phenomenon. 

4, safety and environmental protection, non-toxic. No corrosion, non radioactive, chemical inertness of the -65 in 

5, -200 DEG C can be used for a long time and keeps it soft and elastic; 

6 cold, with heat resistance, electrical insulation and flame retardant properties, excellent.

Packaging and storage of foam silicone:

A component 250, 25200KG/ barrel; B component 20,25200KG/ barrel;

According to the transportation of non dangerous goods, the sealing condition is kept in a cool and dry place