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Process Characteristics Of Silicone Sealant

Mar 02, 2017

1. Adhesive and semi-solidified State, for many excellent substrate adhesion and sealing performance, has excellent resistance to thermal cycling performance.

2. After mixing the two components will not quickly gel, which has longer operationtime, once the heat will quickly cured, curing time can be freely controlled.

3. Producing no by-product in the process of curing, shrinkage-free.

4. Excellent electrical insulation properties and high temperature resistance (-50 ℃to 200℃).

5. Gel stress cracking can be automatically healed, also play a role in waterproof,moisture-proof, does not affect the results.

Typical uses

This product is designed for precision electronic components, solar energy, back lighting and appliance modules, waterproof, moisture-proof, gas-proof coating, casting and potting protection.

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