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Silicone Insole Has Obvious Deodorization Function

Oct 11, 2017

Silicone insole is "artificial fat" foot care of the first choice of products, belong to a silicone pad, comfortable multi-purpose, suitable for long-term standing crowd, walking fatigue, heel pain, leg joints and other people use!

Silicone insoles use their own material characteristics attached to the heel of the shoe, can effectively for patients followed by pain and other effective auxiliary care, dispersing heel pressure, Insoles Silicone Rubber reduce the movement of ankle, knee and spine under pressure, fully protect the heel, package heel, both sides! Silicone insole embedded in the shock-proof decompression of silicone material, can effectively reduce the foot pad and ground pressure! In addition, the silicone insoles into the shoes inside not because of the walking process and tilt! Insoles Silicone Rubber The stress of ankle and foot pain during exercise is the most desired effect for athletes and ordinary people!

Silicone insole is a kind of silicone products is a very popular foreign foot care products, because it is wearing a soft and comfortable, with good shockproof,

Decompression function, so much athletes, disciplined forces, long standing and walking, suffering from the foot discomfort of the vast number of consumers love. After special process production of silicone insole is very soft and comfortable, with a strong tear resistance and a certain extension. Insoles Silicone Rubber can be directly contact with the skin. Good health care in the foot; It also has antibacterial and bacteria-removing function, and has obvious deodorization.

For the effect of anion powder, there are now manufacturers to add anion powder inside the silicone insole, health care function better. Anion powder, can purify the air, eliminate indoor odor and all kinds of harmful gases,

Filters are also added to the water dispenser filter core, Insoles Silicone Rubber can kill harmful substances in the water. Other uses of anion powder: it has the function of purifying air, eliminating fatigue and promoting human health. Addition,

The product also has bacteriostatic, bacteria-removing effect, and has a clear odor removal function.

For the effect of anion powder, there are now manufacturers to add anion powder inside the silicone insole, health care function better. The effect of the anion powder is maximized. The product can be used for silica gel,

Use this to add in silica gel, such as silicone insole, wearing in person, can continuously stimulate negative ions to the human body, so that the human body to keep energetic; On the other hand, can continue to

Eliminate the body of all kinds of waste in the body, at the same time, Insoles Silicone Rubber with this functional insole will not because of cleaning reasons, and reduce its role. Wear-resistant, deodorant effect is very good also has bacteriostatic, bacteria-removing effect,

and has the obvious deodorization function. For the efficacy of anion powder, now has silicone products manufacturers to add negative ions in the silica gel insole, Insoles Silicone Rubber health care function is better.