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Silicone Insoles With Scientific Damping Effect

May 26, 2017

As electronic devices continue to integrate more powerful features into smaller components, an increase in temperature can lead to slowdown in device operation, failure of device operation, space limitations, and many other performance issues.

The use of high-performance thermal materials to eliminate the air gap, thereby enhancing the overall heat transfer capacity, so that the device at a lower temperature work.

Insoles Silicone Rubber Soft thermal silicone insoles from the engineering point of view of how to make the material irregular surface matching.

Thermal insulation silicone insoles with a certain degree of flexibility, excellent insulation, compression, the surface of the natural viscosity, specifically for the use of the gap heat transfer design of the production program, to fill the gap, heat and heat parts to complete the heat transfer between, Play insulation, shock absorption, sealing and so on.

It can meet the equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin design requirements, is very technical and usability, and the thickness of a wide range of applications, Insoles Silicone Rubber is an excellent thermal filler material is widely used in electrical and electronic products.

So the temperature control of the silicone insole has become one of the most important challenges in the design, that is, in the structure of tightening, operating space is getting smaller and smaller circumstances, how to effectively take away the greater unit power generated by more heat

Silicone insoles are very popular foot care products abroad, because it is wearing soft and comfortable, with good shock, decompression function, so much athletes, disciplined forces, Insoles Silicone Rubber to be long standing and walking, suffering from foot discomfort Consumers love.

After a special process of production of silicone insoles are very soft and comfortable, with a strong tear resistance and a certain degree of extension. Can be in direct contact with the skin in the foot of the health care has a very good effect; also has antibacterial, in addition to Bacteria role, Insoles Silicone Rubber and has a clear deodorant function.

For the anion powder effect, there are manufacturers to add anion powder in the silicone insoles inside, better health effects. Anion powder, can purify the air, eliminate indoor odor and a variety of harmful gases, but also adding filter materials for drinking fountains filter, Can kill harmful substances in the water. Other uses of negative ion powder:

With the purification of air, eliminate human fatigue, Insoles Silicone Rubber promote human health. In addition, the product also has antibacterial, sterilization, and has a clear deodorant function.

For the effectiveness of negative ion powder, there are manufacturers to add anionic powder in the silicone insoles inside, better health effects. The effectiveness of negative ion powder to maximize the play.

The product can be used for silica gel, Insoles Silicone Rubber with this added in the silicone, such as silicone insoles, wearing in the body, can continue to stimulate the body to the negative ions,

So that the human body to keep energetic; on the other hand can continue to eliminate the body for the body to discharge a variety of body waste, at the same time, with this function insoles will not because of cleaning reasons, and reduce its role. Wear, deodorant effect is also good with antibacterial, sterilization effect, and has a clear deodorant function.

Silicone insoles use their own material characteristics attached to the heel in the heel, can effectively follow the pain and other patients with effective auxiliary care, Insoles Silicone Rubber scattered heel pressure, reduce the movement of the ankle, knee and spine under pressure, full protection of the heel, Wrapped heels on both sides. Silicone insoles embedded in the anti-shocking silicone material, can effectively reduce the foot pad and the ground pressure. In addition, the silicone insoles into the shoes inside will not be because of the process of running and tilt. To reduce the pain of ankle and footsteps during exercise are the most desirable effects of athletes and ordinary people. Long-term work of the crowd, athletes, dancers, site workers, the elderly, etc., these people most likely to heel pain, most of them are due to the wrong foot force, foot structural deformation and incorrect gait caused by of. Many people can not let go, and some people in the shoes pad on the soft insole, and some people in the hospital simply opened some medicine soon after the recurrence.

Silicone insoles can improve unscientific foot force, with scientific shock absorption, balance regulation, prevention of joint strain and improve the quality of walking and other effects.