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The Application For Molding Silicone Rubber

Aug 29, 2017

Molding silicone rubber can be divided into two types, that is the addition one and condensation one. (PS: curing time and operating time can be adjusted as needed.) The addition silicone rubber is good at transparency, which is easy for deep curing, and also with small shrinkage; it mainly can be used for the production of precision molds and precision replicas. Condensation silicone rubber is good at flowing, mold-release and the tear strength, which is particularly suitable for unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, gypsum and paraffin and other materials for the manufacture of handicrafts.

The application for condensation molding silicone rubber

gypsum, GRC, cement, resin and other products of the mold production;


artificial culture stone molding, wax casting and other technology;


building decoration and other products of the mold production

(Such as cornice, Roman column, railing, ceiling, base, fountain, fireplace, wall decoration, planting utensils, European furniture, furniture decoration, etc.);


unsaturated resin crafts, epoxy resin crafts, poly resin crafts, polyester resin mold production;


handmade soap and candles crafts, stationery gifts and other crafts industry;


cast statues, statues, Christmas ornaments, sculptures, figures and other mold making;


The application for addition mold making silicone rubber

human silicone rubber, the main can be made such as supplies, human organs, body shape, chest pad pads, patch, non-slip mats and other flexible silicone rubber products.


clothing signs silicone rubber, with this product can be made into a separate trademark, but also with Yabu, pressure and other methods made of trademarks. Generally used for jeans, shoes, toys and other products trademark production.


injection molding glue, widely used in the manufacture of light weight, and the production of large products, such as the system of cake mold, candy mold, baby pacifier and protective cover, medical catheter, TV anode cap, automotive machinery, electrical appliances and medical Care and other aspects of silicone rubber products, copier silicone roller and a variety of gasket silicone ring and so on.


imitation jewelry diamonds, imitation diamond, fiber cloth, leather embossing and so on.