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The Main Properties Of Silicone Rubber

Mar 02, 2017

(1) High-temperature performance. Notable feature is the high temperature stability of silicone rubber, although the strength of Silicon rubber in normal temperaturewas only natural rubber or synthetic rubber half, but more than 200 ℃ high temperature environment, silicone rubber can still maintain a certain degree of flexibility,elasticity and hardness, and no significant changes in mechanical properties.

(2) Low temperature properties of silicone rubber with glass transition temperature-70~-50 ℃, special formulations of up to-100, its excellent low temperature performance. The aviation, the aerospace industry is of great significance.

(3) Si-O-Si keys in the weathering resistance silicone rubber on oxygen, ozone andUV stable, in cases, without any additives, it has excellent weathering resistance.

(4) Electrical properties. Silicone rubber has excellent insulation properties, Coronaresistance and ARC resistance is also very good.

(5) Physical and mechanical properties. Physical and mechanical properties of silicone rubber room temperature worse than General rubber, but 150 ℃ high temperature and the low temperature of-50, General rubber for the physical and mechanical properties.

(6) Oil and chemical reagents. General silicone rubber with moderate oil resistance,solvent resistance.

(7) The gas permeability. Silicone rubber at room temperature in air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases permeability 30-50 times higher than natural rubber.

(8) Physical inertia. Silicone rubber nontoxic, tasteless, odorless, and adhesion of human tissue is not and has anticoagulant effects, reactivity of the organism is verysmall. Particularly suitable as a material for medical use.