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The Room Temperature Cured Silicone Rubber And The Heating Temperature Cure Silicone Rubber

Sep 15, 2017

Regarding of the curing type, basically there are two kinds of silicone. One is the tin catalyst silicone rubber, which vulcanize at the room temperature; another is the platinum catalyst, which can vulcanize at both the room temperature and also the heating temperature.


For the room temperature curing silicone rubber,  the curing principle is generally moisture curing. Curing time at room temperature and the air is related to moisture, as well as the liquid silicone itself inside with the number of curing agent. In common 5 hours , 9 hours, 14 hours, 24 hours can be cured, the specific curing time can be deployed according to customer requirements.


Heating curing silicone as the name suggests that is temperature-related. Heating can accelerate the speed of curing. The higher the temperature, the faster for the cure. the specific curing time can be controlled by the operation of the temperature.