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Too Hard For Your Silicone Rubber, How To Do

Jun 21, 2017

There are the soft silicone rubber, and also the hard one, which is decided by its application. As there are so many customers did not contact the silicone before; so maybe for the first time to use the silicone rubber, there sometimes come to the unsuitable hardness. Here now Shenzhen Rongxingda Polymer Material Co.,Ltd will advise two methods to solve the question of high hardness.


The first solution is to add some certain silicone oil into the silicone rubber.

In normal, if the adding quantity is about 1%, the hardness for silicone rubber will decrease 0.9~1.1 shore A. If adding 10%, the silicone hardness can decrease about 5 shore A.

But in the actual application, much dosing quantity, which will destroy the molecular of silicone, also make worse to the tear strength and tensile strength. And then the silicone mold will be easy to deform; and the shelf life will be shortened. So we advise the adding quantity had better not be higher than 5%. And silicone oil with a higher viscosity will be much better. If above the 5%, please take a test in advance with a small amount.


The second solution it that mix the high hardness silicone with a lower silicone rubber, which also can promise to decrease the hardness.

Of course, the premise is that you have two kinds of silicone in hand. For example, if mix the 20 shore A silicone with the 10 shore A one, normally there will come to the 15 shore A hardness silicone.

Please pay attention that do not mix the Tin-cure silicone with the platinum-cure one, or the silicone will not cure.


More question, please feel free to contact Shenzhen Rongxingda Polymer Material Co.,Ltd.