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Wholesale High Quality Rtv2 Liquid Silicone Rubber To Make Molds

Sep 06, 2017

There are two kind of liquid silicone rubber to make molds, Tin cured silicone rubber and platinum cured silicone rubber. Hardnes is from 0A to 40A. And mix ratio is 100:2-4, 1:1. According to your requirment.

Tin cured silicone rubber is two component materials , part A and part B cured at room temperature, Which is high tear strength rubber. Tin cured silicone can be poured onto models or they can be made brush-able by adding a Thixotropic additive. They are ideal for molds where easy release or high temperature resistance is required. 

Curing Agent(Part B)  


Mixing Ratio By Weight

Pot life Time

De-mold Time

Full Curing




60-70 min

6 Hours

10 Hours



30-40 min

4 Hours

8 Hours



15-20 min


5 Hours

Platinum cure silicone rubber, Also call addition silicone rubbers can be applied to PU resin casting, general mold making, GRC and concrete molding, superior manual mold design, food grade molding application, rapid prototyping(urethane casting/ silicone tooling/ vacuum casting).

Packing information

1. Ratio 1:1, the packing of Base A and Catalyst B

   40kg/Set(Base A 20kg+ B catalyst 20kg)

   400kg/Set(Base A 200kg+ B catalyst 200kg)   

2. Ratio 10:1, the packing of Base A and Catalyst B

   22kg/Set(Base A 20kg+ B catalyst 2kg)

   220kg/Set(Base A 200kg+ B catalyst 20kg)